Board of directors

Montea Management NV acts, in carrying out its duties in the capacity of Manager, in the exclusive interest of the shareholders of Montea.

The board of directors consists of the following eight members:

End of mandate
Dirk De PauwChairman and executive director May 2021
Ciska ServaisVice-president, non-executive and independent directorMay 2021
 Jo De WolfManaging director and CEOMay 2022
Peter SnoeckNon-executive directorMay 2021
Jean-Marc MayeurNon-executive directorMay 2021
Sophie MaesNon-executive and independent directorMay 2022
Greta AfslagNon-executive directorMay 2021
Philippe MathieuNon-executive and independent directorMay 2021

The board of directors of Montea Management NV has the following specific duties:

  • defining the strategy of Montea, its risk profile and in particular defining the sectors and the geographical area in line with the relevant legal requirements;
  • approval of investment decisions in line with relevant legal requirements;
  • monitoring and approval of periodic financial information;
  • oversight of the executive management, particularly in light of strategy monitoring;
  • approval of public offering information;
  • proposal of profit distribution;
  • other duties expressly assigned by the Belgian Company Code to the statutory manager (strategy and budget, annual, quarterly and half-yearly accounts, use of the authorized capital, approval of the merger/break-up reports, convening of the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings, organising the decision-making bodies and appointing their members).