"So you can't find a building that answers to your specific needs?
Not to worry: we'll build it for you."

As the end-investor, we are looking for quality. That’s because when we invest in a building, our intention is to keep it in our portfolio throughout its entire lifecycle. That’s why we focus – in conjunction with our tenants – on top-quality premises. Our interests are entirely the same as yours. Working with you, we look together for the ideal location, after which our specialists design the solution you require for your business. In consultation with the tenant, we track the entire building process, keeping a close eye on quality and sustainability from every angle. We also finance the project and when everything is complete, we hand over a building that not only meets your vision and requirements exactly, but is also totally in line with our shared quest for quality and minimum maintenance costs.

To enable us to have as extensive an offering as possible, we have deliberately opted to develop a broad network of landowners, project developers, contractors and investors. This enables us to deliver versatile, innovative solutions to our clients, in partnership with them.

As the end-investor, Montea is looking to achieve long-term, stable yields rather than a short-term profit on the construction side of a project. With this in mind, in recent years we have built up strong experience in build-to-suit projects based on an open-book system. The project team, made up of the tenant’s advisers and specialists from Montea, goes looking for the ideal solution, making a careful assessment of quality and price so that we end up with the right project. The rent is determined as a percentage of the total estimated cost. However, the parties continue to adjust and shape the project in mutual consultation throughout the entire construction process. Thanks to the open-book system, the tenant is aware of what impact each choice or change will have on the rent it will have to pay in the future.

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Toine Van Gils
Director Contract Logistics

Montea remains owner of the real estate they develop. That is for us the quality assurance that the facility is built on a high standard. 


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